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  Li Hua

  请写封邮件约请你的英国伴侣Allen参与,内容包罗:So what is the right amount of praise? Experts say that the quality of praise is more important than the quantity. If praise is sincere and focused on the effort not the outcome, you can give it as often as your child does something that deserves a verbal reward. “We should especially recognize our children’s efforts to push themselves and work hard to achieve a goal,” says Donahue, author of Parenting Without Fear: Letting Go of Worry and Focusing on What Really Matters. “One thing to remember is that it’s the process not the end product that matters.”本次高考作文考察概念阐述,题型较为常见,请求对画展的展进场所做出挑选,而且阐明来由,并且曾经提醒了能够从便当性和专业性两个角度来阐发,难度不算太大,要写好这篇作文,只需概念明白而且言之有理便可。Su Hua: I agree. But we don’t have to dress that way. That’s not our daily style. Besides, it’s not very convenient.【写作指点】【优良满分范文】Parents everywhere praise their kids. Jenn Berman, author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Kids, says, “We’ve gone to the opposite extreme of a few decades ago when parents tended to be more strict.” By giving kids a lot of praise, parents think they’re building their children’s confidence, when, in fact, it may be just the opposite. Too much praise can backfire and, when given in a way that’s insincere, make kids afraid to try new things or take a risk for fear of not being able to stay on top where their parents’ praise has put them.When I got home, I packed up my luggage for the trip.请给他写一封邮件,内容包罗:【写作请求】1. 写作过程当中不克不及间接援用原文语句;Summer in these cities is hot and rainy, so take summer wear plus an umbrella with you.All in all, my sense of responsibility will make me a qualified volunteer. I’d appreciate it if you could take my application into consideration.本题请求:作为排球队队长李华,给队友Chris写一封邮件见告他近期球队将参与角逐,次要的要点包罗三项,别离是:角逐信息、赛前筹办、表达等待。你的英国密友Jim筹算暑假时期来北京、天津和上海旅游,发来邮件讯问相干信息。Li HuaDear Jim,3. 没必要写题目。假定你是晨曦中学的李津,英国友爱校将派西席来你校参与为期一周的暑期交换举动。本年的书面表达请求考生写邮件,见告英国伴侣音乐节的状况。请你给他复兴邮件,内容包罗:第三,留意选用适宜的毗连词将各要点串连起来。利用了毗连词、跟尾词,使文章天然、流利。归纳综合漫笔的内容要点实为客观扼要地转述 的概念、论据和结论,归纳综合包罗两个部门:主题句和支持句。5. 浙江卷1. 词数100阁下;本文内容完好,详略恰当。

  Li Jiang: But it seems people have different opinions.

  在找到主题句明白全文中间的根底上,构造好言语,重视言语表达的自力性和精确性和初级性,欠亨盘照抄原词句子,只管用本人的言语转换表达,同时要留意篇幅的比例摆设,用较多的笔墨去表达主要的内容。按照写作要点及构想好的大纲我们能够开端肯定文章能够利用到的辞汇和句子有:leaving for the United States soon,express my heartfelt gratitude,unbelievable progress,cheer me up。本文时态应接纳普通如今时和普通未来时,用第一人称和第二人称来写。Dear Alex,第一节 使用文写作(满分15分)1.词数100阁下;2.能够恰当增长细节,以使行文连接;I’m pleased that you’re coming to tour in China.假定你是李华,暑假在伦敦进修,得知本地美术馆要举行中国画展。Su Hua: What do you think?The opening ceremony will start at 9:00 am, and the schoolmaster will deliver a speech. Then there will be various fantastic performances played by talented students. You are definitely welcome to show up on stage, which will add color and fun to our festival.Dear Chris,【优良范文范文】To whom it may concern:【写作指点】In my opinion, it is more advisable to hold the art exhibition in Shanghai Museum than in community libraries. My reasons are as follows.【标题问题请求】起首要停止毛遂自荐,扼要交接写作布景,分析写信目标。where you can stay for a week.长短限定性定语从句。

  第二段是文章的主题,要把题干给到的提醒完好地表现出来,文章用First of all,What’s more, The most important factor is that 等过渡性构造天然地串连三个要点。同时要留意句式的多样化与初级辞汇的使用。

  1. 角逐信息;

  2. 可恰当增长细节,以使行文连接。

  1. 审题立意


  2. 作文中不克不及出理想在姓名和黉舍称号;3. 枢纽词和句子【牛师点评】(1)你喜好的讲座话题(从音乐、美术、跳舞中任选其一);留意:【牛师点睛】【优良满分范文】4. 北京卷红星中学高三门生李华的英国密友Jim筹算暑假时期来北京、天津和上海旅游,发来邮件讯问相干信息。留意利用初级辞汇和句式,为文章增加颜色;留意利用毗连词、跟尾词,使文章天然、流利。66. 假定你是李华,常常协助你进修英语的伴侣Alex行将返回本人的国度。第四段从专业性角度阐明博物馆的劣势。如:You are definitely welcome to show up on stage, which will add color and fun to our festival. 定语从句。请求给他复兴邮件,内容包罗: 1.交通出行;2.必备衣物。请按照以下提醒给Chris写一封电子邮件:Li Hua【优良满分范文二】内容完好,言语标准,语篇连接,词数恰当。并利用了初级句式。文章利用了几个高分句型。【牛师点睛】留意:【写作剖析】1. 用约30个词归纳综合上述信息的次要内容;【写作指点】留意:提醒词:西瓜watermelonHow is everything going? Our school will hold a music festival next Sunday morning in the school hall. And I’m writing to invite you to join us.最初需求利用求职信的经常使用套话及手札的经常使用套话末端。文章能够分为三部门来写:起首表达欢送Jim来中国;然后交接交通出行和必备衣物;最初祈望伴侣的到来。范文根据手札的情势,起首要提出给收信人,Towhomitmayconcern这里暗示的是敬启者,是在读者身份不明时用在函件、告诉和证实书开首的套语,也是除Dearxxx以外英语手札的常见用语!

  Li Hua



  52. 假定你是红星中学高三门生李华。你们班上周构造了一次以“劳动最名誉”为主题的社会理论举动。请按照以下四幅图的前后次第,写一篇英文周记,记叙全部历程。

  Su Hua: Yes, I have. Some are already recommending the traditional Chinese dress for the welcome ceremony.


  1. 暗示感激;



  Parents tend to go to extremes when it comes to praising their kids. (要点一) Yet, both too much and too little praise can be equally damaging. (要点二) When giving praise, parents should be sincere and concentrate on the process instead of the result. (要点三) Similarly, they ought to give praise for how much effort their kids have invested in the work they’re involved in. (要点四)【写作指点】I’ve learned that an art exhibition is to be held and that you’re collecting suggestions on its location. I’m writing this letter to share with you my opinions.1.词数很多于50;(3)开首和末端已给出、不计入总词数。在阐述概念时连词的利用可使逻辑显得更明晰。完成一篇提要写作,需求颠末三个步调,3. 临别祝福。留意:绝对精髓!购置第二段用得当的过渡语引出本人的概念(阻挡或同意)。that you’re coming to tour in China.和that you begin from Beijing, and I’ll show you around.是宾语从句。【参考谜底】留意:词数很多于60。你的信必需满意以下请求:Li Jiang: You see, it’s the Chinese culture that the British friends are coming for. Just the right occasion.Directions: Write an English compositionin 120-150 words according to the instructions given in Chinese.Li Jiang: Have you heard this? A group of exchange students from the UK are visiting our school next month.留意:2. 构造言语,转换表达。读写使命起首要写好归纳综合。I’m Li Jim, a student at Chenguang High School.1. 词数80阁下;2. 举动摆设;The reasons for my application are as follows. First of all, having been exposed to foreign teachers since a young age, I can communicate freely with others in English. What’s more, years of being monitor makes me a brilliant organizer, which will help a lot to keep the exhibition in order. The most important factor is that my related knowledge will undoubtedly help the audience learn more about the unique Chinese art form.第【三】四段用ononehand...ontheotherhand...“一方面……;另外一方面……”停止毗连,条理分明。在浏览过程当中,需求精确掌握文章的段落粗心,学会剔除非主要信息,弄分明差别文体的文章的内部逻辑干系和文章的篇章构造。别的要留意跟尾辞汇的利用以使行文连接;初级辞汇的利用以提拔作品的层次?


  I prefer the school uniform to the traditional Chinese dress at the welcome ceremony next month. Although the traditional Chinese dress may look more beautiful and stylish, it is a little bit strange to walk around in it. We feel at ease in our school uniforms every day. Whats more, the traditional Chinese dress cant reflect the unique culture of our school. From the design and colour of our uniforms, the British friends will learn more about our school. Besides, the choice of the traditional Chinese dress means extra money, and extra time, for we have to change it back after the event.


  I would be happy to wear traditional Chinese clothes at the welcome ceremony. Firstly, this is precisely what the British visitors are expecting. They come to learn about Chinese culture with their own eyes. Their Chinese peers in the typical Chinese dress would be highly impressive. The school uniforms are fine, but not special enough to give a unique Chinese flavour. Secondly, the inconvenience is not a problem if our purpose is to share Chinese culture. It is just the so-called inconvenience that displays the richness, delicacy and great fascination of Chinese culture with a history of thousands of years.

  81. 请浏览上面笔墨,并根据请求用英语写一篇150词阁下的文章。

  67. 浏览上面漫笔,按照其内容写一篇60词阁下的内容提要。

  Dear Chris,

  On the other hand, as a well-known museum, Shanghai Museum is more professional and experienced in holding art exhibitions. Its professional security guards and advanced facilities can better protect those famous paintings from being damaged or stolen.【优良满分范文】Learning that you’re leaving for the United States soon, I’m eagerly writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your help.So the school uniforms are a better choice than the traditional Chinese dress for such an occasion.第二段明白提出了本人的概念,用了itismoreadvisabletodo...句型,阐明“……是更公道的”,经常使用在提出倡议时。提出本人的概念后要详细论证本人的概念。段落最初用Myreasonsareasfollows.“我的来由以下”作为一个过渡句引出上面的来由阐述。1. 读懂原文,捉住段落主题句。1.写作目标:2.小我私家劣势:3.能做的工作。本篇书面表达属于使用文。请写一封信申请做意愿者,内容包罗:Last week I took part in a farmwork programme in the suburbs.第一节 (15分)最初一段用therefore简朴总结并重申本人的概念。本文内容完好,言语表述流利。请求考生写感激信,人称利用第一人称和第二人称,时态用普通如今时。提拔了文章层次。留意:【优良满分范文一】Li Jiang and Su Hua dont agree on what to wear when greeting the British students. Li suggests traditional Chinese clothes while Su thinks the school uniforms are more suitable.第四部门 写作(共两节,满分40分)(2)挑选该话题的缘故原由及关于该话题你感爱好的内容;【标题问题请求】Your son may not be the best basketball player on his team. But if he’s out there every day and playing hard, you should praise his effort regardless of whether his team wins or loses. Praising the effort and not the outcome can also mean recognizing your child when she has worked hard to clean the yard, cook dinner, or finish a book report. But whatever it is, praise should be given on a case-by-case basis and be proportionate(相等的) to the amount of effort your child has put into it.Still, don’t go too far in the other direction. Not giving enough praise can be just as damaging as giving too much. Kids will feel like they’re not good enough or that you don’t care and, as a result, may see no point in trying hard for their accomplishments.Li Hua【满分优良范文】2. 能够恰当增长细节,以使行文连接。编剧六六将赴武汉,广电总局组织拍摄抗疫电视剧!Yours,上海博物馆拟举行一次名画展,现就展进场所〔博物馆仍是社区藏书楼〕征集公家定见,假定你是王敏,给上海博物馆写一封信表达你的设法。I’m Li Hua, an exchange student from China during this summer vacation. I’m delighted to learn that volunteer students are wanted for a Chinese painting exhibition to be held in the local art gallery. Now I’m writing to apply for the position.Best wishes,8. 天津卷:阿通学长Li HuaOn one hand, it is more convenient for people to get to Shanghai Museum which is located in the center of the city. And the museum is much more spacious than community libraries, which provides visitors with a more comfortable environment for appreciating art.Thank you for your time.假定你是校排球队队长李华。字数请求100阁下,考生应恰当增长细节,以使行文连接。要服膺各段落要点之间的逻辑干系和天然跟尾,用得当的联系关系词去连接全文。3.完毕语已为你写好。【标题问题请求】第二,按照大纲,肯定枢纽词语,如:How is everything going? a music festival,in the school hall,The opening ceremony等。Yours,Dear Sir/Madam,【评分尺度】Su Hua: I prefer the school uniform. It’s nice. It’s also a better display of our school culture.【写作指点】Yours,As for the detailed information of the match, there will be probably dozens of teams which are going to make a revolving competition. Additionally, not only can the top three teams each be awarded a medal but all the other teams taking part in it will get a reward as well. What will be the most attractive is that it will be a great honor for the top three teams to receive special volleyballs that have the name of the most popular volleyball player on them. Therefore, we must do enough preparations before the match, such as training as frequently as we can.这篇书面表达属于使用文中的申请信范例,能够根据申请信的思绪来写,同时要留意电子邮件的写作需求表现寒暄性。第三段从便当性角度停止阐发,博物馆交通更便当并且情况更温馨,其顶用到了which指导的非限制性定语从句。

  2. 回忆Alex对你的协助;

  Therefore, I suggest the exhibition be held in the museum.

  2. 能够恰当增长细节,以使行文连接。

  2. 天下Ⅱ卷2. 赛前筹办;1. 词数100阁下;(2)可恰当参加细节,使内容充分、行文连接;Li Jiang and Su Hua are discussing what to wear when receiving the British students next month. Li recommends the traditional Chinese dress while Su prefers the school uniform.1. 天下Ⅰ卷2. 谋篇规划高评语文作文满分锻炼营On the farm, we helped pick watermelons. While working, I realised how hard it was to work in the fields under a hot sun.【牛师点睛】【标题问题请求】本文是读写使命,本年的话题是关于中国传统打扮的。文章利用了宾语从句 how hard it was to work in the fields under a hot sun.还利用了 At the class meeting, When I got home, On the farm, While working, When I came back home等过渡词。作文的难度不大,能够灵敏使用学过的初级短语和句型,比方定语从句;名词性从句;非谓语动词;倒装句等等。举动时期,英方西席Chris将做一个有关西方艺术的讲座。便利各人2020中高考温习利用,赶快珍藏起来好好进修吧!经由过程辞汇铺垫,我们就很简单地行文了,文章写完以后要查抄文中能否存在拼写或语法毛病。先引见写作目标,以后引见音乐节的工夫、举动摆设等详细信息,最初欢送他演出节目。48元149人已购【满分优良范文】So excited am I that I can’t wait to join in it.How about you? Looking forward to your reply.Dear Allen,假定你是李华,你校将举行音乐节。归纳综合留意要捉住要点,言语简练,不克不及增加本人的看法,可是要用本人的言语归纳综合。Dear Jim,第二节 读后续写(满分25分)Yours,Looking forward to your early reply.第二节(20分)(1)词数很多于100:【写作指点】Li Jiang: I think it’s a good idea. It’s an opportunity to make the Chinese culture better known to international students.At the class meeting, our teacher told us about the programme with the theme “Working is most beautiful”. And he stressed the importance of working with our own hands.WangMin本文内容完好,言语表述通畅。Thanks again and wish you a pleasant journey home.6. 江苏卷How is everything going? I have good news to tell you. A volleyball match is going to be held in a few weeks and our team will participate.最初一段要总结概念,提出详细做法或召唤,升汉文章的主题。Honestly speaking, it’s so nice of you to offer me a class of practical learning skills. Under your professional guidance, I have made such unbelievable progress in English. It’s indeed a pleasant surprise for me to even rank first in a recent English speech contest. Whenever I encounter difficulties, you always cheer me up and help me out, which fuels my enthusiasm for English and promotes me to regain tremendous confidence. No words are strong enough to convey how grateful I am.【优良满分范文】▍文章滥觞:文章收拾整顿于收集 版权归原 一切7. 上海卷2.阐明你的来由〔从便当性,专业性等方面临这两个场合停止比照〕1.交通出行;3. 天下Ⅲ卷1.简述你写信的目标及你对场合的挑选;起首肯定大纲。When I came back home, I shared my experiences with my parents. And they were very proud of me.(3)期望从中有何播种。请写封邮件见告你的队友Chris球队近期将参与角逐,内容包罗:3. 表达等待。2020高考英语作文真题及满分范文猜测全汇总明天,小编和各人分享2019年高考英语真题一切英语作文及满分优良范文。

  2. 在上述场所,你能否偏向于穿中国传统打扮?请阐明来由(很多于两点)。

  1. 工夫;

  The traditional Chinese clothes, it seems to me, will make the occasion very Chinese and inviting to the British guests.


  现就讲座内容收罗你校门生的定见。3. 欢送他演出节目。51. 假定你是红星中学高三门生李华。过渡语起承先启后的感化,要显天然、连接。Li JinLooking forward to your arrival.I suggest that you begin from Beijing, and I’ll show you around. Tianjin will be your next stop. After that, you can go to Shanghai, where you can stay for a week. You can take high-speed trains to both cities.3. 通读全文,逻辑连接?content

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